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Alternatives to Plastic Goods

As convenient as it is prevalent, plastic has one crucial flaw – it takes hundreds or even thousands of years to break down, and inflicts significant damage on our ecosystems in the process. Swipe to learn more about quick and easy swaps YOU can make in your everyday life to reduce your consumption of this harmful material.

Beeswax Food Wrap

Skip the cling wrap and use beeswax wraps instead to help eliminate plastic from your kitchen! These wraps are reusable, washable, compostable, and made out of 100% eco-friendly materials.

Popular brands: Nature Bee, LilyBee Wrap, and Abeego.

Why cling wrap is harmful: very difficult to recycle, so often ends up in oceans where it poisons marine life.

Metal razors

Try out metal razors as an easy first step towards a zero-waste shower routine! Long-lasting and often 100% recyclable, these razors are made of materials that are not only sustainable, but also usually of a higher quality.

Popular brands: Leaf and Bevel.

Why disposable razors are harmful: require lots of fossil fuels in production, and end up in landfills after a limited number of uses.

Tea infusers and reusable coffee filters

Can't go a morning without your mug of coffee or cup of tea? Neither can we! Fortunately, products like reusable coffee filters and metal infusers for loose tea leaves help contribute away from single-use plastic consumption.

Popular brands: CoffeeSock and DAVIDsTEA.

Why disposables are harmful: single-use plastic consumption generates a high quantity of landfill waste.

Glass containers

Looking for an eco-friendly way to store your leftovers or organize your cupboards? Try using glass storage containers! Not only is glass production much more environmentally friendly, but it also lasts longer and is fully recyclable.

Popular brands: FineDine Airtight and Prep Natural.

Why glass containers are harmful: can leach chemicals not only into the environment, but also into the food you store!

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