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Our Events

Rotman Commerce Sustainable Business has many exciting events planned for the 2021-2022 school year. Take a look below to get a preview of all our upcoming events or watch the recordings of our past events!

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Upcoming Events

March 20

Perspectives Case Competition

In collaboration with RCCA (Rotman Commerce Consulting Association), Perspectives is our largest event of the year. This case competition is a great opportunity for students to work in teams and get hands-on experience to develop relevant sustainable solutions to today’s problems. Students will be able to network with the business leaders who will judge the competition and gain more insights into the importance of sustainability in the corporate world.

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Past Events

Green Buildings

September 21

RCSB Kickstarter

The RCSB Kickstarter event was an informational seminar that brought together a variety of prominent voices in sustainability, from NGO representatives to CEOs, to demonstrate the many forms that sustainable action can take. Through a keynote presentation, panels and networking activity, students were able to take away forward-thinking, earth-sustainable outlooks to sculpt the future landscape of the business world. 

November 27

Careers in Sustainability

RCSB’s career in sustainability networking event will be the opportunity for students to learn more about green initiatives and sustainable careers. By facilitating a panel discussion and networking session with successful professionals in the sustainability field, we hope to awaken Rotman Commerce’s aspiring leaders’ curiosity towards sustainability and allow students to gain useful connections within the various industries to aid in their job search.

Experts Panel

January 26

ESG Reporting and Investing

RCSB’s ESG Reporting and Investing event was an opportunity for students to learn about investing strategies, corporate greenwashing, and how to report company ESG's. The event included a Q&A session with the guest speakers: Mark Podlasly and Jan Mahrt-Smith, for students to ask all their burning questions! 

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