About Us

Welcome to Rotman Commerce Sustainable Business!



Rotman Commerce Sustainable Business (RCSB) seeks to educate and inspire students about sustainable practices in the corporate world.
Through events and initiatives, RCSB facilitates a multitude of opportunities for students to gain knowledge about sustainable business, take part in meaningful actions, develop invaluable skills, and network with diverse professionals in various industries.

Why Sustainable Business?

  • Climate risks are an increasingly threatening force to our planet and business as usual is predicted to fail in the long term. Businesses need to rethink their business models and strategy to be at the forefront of the ecological movement.

  • Sustainable business strategies can help manage energy and resources more efficiently, reduce costs, divert waste, and improve a firm’s environmental and social footprints. ​

  • Sustainable reporting has the potential to highlight strategic business opportunities and assist in creating a competitive advantage.

  • Sustainable practices help attract talent and drive innovation.

  • There is a growing market and interest in sustainable goods.


Our Values

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Respect & Encourage